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  • By Wooden Spoon Herbs

    Traditional healthy sinus support.

    Possessed by pollen? Dose this non-drowsy seasonal support and say "See you later," to stuffy sinuses. Breathe easy, and stop to smell the flowers.

    Promotes seasonal comfort
    Daily sinus support
    Promotes a balanced immune system

    How to use: Take 3 ml with included measuring dropper up to 3 times daily. Add a dropperful to still or sparkling water, juice, tea, smoothies, cocktails and mocktails to instantly make any beverage plant-powered.

  • Organic European elder berry extract, Organic European elder flower extract, Organic Early goldenrod herb extract, Organic Stinging nettle leaf extract, Organic Reishi fruiting body extract, Organic Cane Alcohol, Water.

    Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant, taking diuretics, or are on a fluid restriction.