Masumoto Suncrest Peach & Lemon Verbena Jam


By Sqirl

Notes: Juicy, fleshy, summery
About the Fruit: Sun Crests are a midsummer ripening peach known for their drip-down-your-chin juiciness. They are citrusy sweet with an orange-red skin and are iconically known as the peach that inspired David Masumoto’s gorgeous publication Epitaph for a Peach.
Origins: Masumoto Family Farm, ​​one of the most incredible certified organic stone fruit farms in all of America, shipped us 2000 lbs of stone fruit this summer, including these gorgeous Sun Crests.
Now with 100% more summer due to fragrant Lemon Verbena from Windrose Farm in Paso Robles, CA., a fifty-acre farm and habitat owned and operated by the lovely Bill & Barb.
Ingredients: *Sun Crest peaches, *cane sugar, *lemon juice, *lemon verbena *Certified organic
Made in United States of America