Mammoth Long Island Dill Organic Seeds


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By Hudson Valley Seed Co.

Certified Organic Seed

Anetheum graveolens

200 seeds

For pickles and beyond.

Beyond its pungent flavor and culinary versatility, dill has a long history of medicinal use. Ancient Egyptians referred to dill as a soother; gladiators believed it imparted courage; churchgoers felt the seeds sparked alertness; and villagers considered dill a protective charm. Dill still makes great pickles. But what of its other uses for the modern age? Where do we most need to be soothed, courageous, alert, and protected? Traffic jams on Long Island. We particularly enjoy our early mornings in the seed garden when the dew-dropped dill refracts the sunlight. Grow this herb for its flavor, and you may just prevent road rage to boot.

Originally named Long Island Dill, this tall billowing relative of Queen Anne's Lace and carrots is perfect for edible landscaping, container gardens and, well, pickles, of course! All parts of the plant leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds can be used to impart dill flavor to dishes.

Growing Instructions: Direct sow around last frost, or indoors before last frost and then transplant fairly quickly. Succession sow every 3-4 weeks for highest-quality fresh dill leaves all season. For use as a dry herb, harvest before the umbel (Latin for umbrella) flowers form.