Masumoto Le Grande Nectarine with Raspberry Jam


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By Sqirl 

Notes: Juicy, puckery-berry, silky-stone.

About the Fruit + Origins: The end of Summer is upon us and our newest combination of Le Grand nectarines from Masumoto Family Farm and organic raspberries gives us the best of both stone fruit and berry worlds.

The most summery of nectarines, the Le Grand is enormous and meaty and dense as well as a clingstone, which means its flesh clings to the pit, i.e. it’s harder to can, but too extraordinary in flavor and juicy in texture to not make into a jam. It's a fleeting variety, just around for a week.

The raspberry adds a puckering tartness and density that balances out the smooth silk of the nectarine, yielding a jam that–like clingstones–grasps the pith of summer with its bursting flavor.

Ingredients: *Raspberries, *Le Grand nectarines, *cane sugar, *lemon juice *Certified organic

Made in United States of America