Mini Planter in Four Eyes - Porcelain


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By Friend Assembly

The Mini Faceplanters are as sweet as they are teeny. Standing proud at 1.5 x 1.5 inches tall.

Airplant not included.

You know how in quarantine, we’ve all tried to become better cooks? Some of us have even become sourdough experts or make our own jams now. If you aspire to do these things, but find yourself eating 8 min Mac N’ Cheese, followed by a bowl of cereal and a handful of Doritos while you watch the show, “Chef’s Table”…this pal is for you. Cause inspiration starts from the couch. You can LOVE a cooking show and still burn your grilled cheese every time. Bonus: this little pal’s head can act as a perfect thimble full of artisanal sea salt.