Patchwork Jeans in Dark Rinse: OOAK

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By Carleen

These Patchwork Jeans are made of 100% cotton denim and feature vintage handpicked vintage patchwork details on the front, making each one-of-a-kind. These straight-leg jeans are meant to hold you in and ease up in all of the right places with repeated wear. Each pair has been lightly pre-washed to soften the stiffness of the raw denim.

The jeans are one of a kind with hand-picked textiles that may include wear, distress, marks, and other signs of age intentionally as this adds to the character of the finished garment.


0- 25” Waist, 35” Hip, 30” Inseam

2- 26'‘ Waist, 36” Hips, 30” Inseam

4- 27” Waist, 37” Hips, 31” Inseam

6- 28” Waist, 38” Hips, 31” Inseam

8- 29” Waist, 39” Hips, 31” Inseam

10- 30” Waist, 40” Hips, 31” Inseam

12- 31” Waist, 41” Hips, 31” Inseam

100% cotton; wash cold inside out or dry clean.

please note: the patchwork you receive will be different but still beautiful.

Made in Los Angeles.