Red Long of Tropea Onion Seeds


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By Hudson Valley Seed Co.

Allium cepa

300 seeds

Open Pollinated

Red onions are so beloved in Tropea, Italy, that an annual summer festival is held in their honor. Hailing from the same region, this gorgeous, torpedo-shaped specialty onion will have you celebrating too. Although not a storage onion, the sweet, mild, and mouth-watering bulbs can be harvested with their tops in late summer, braided, and hung up like garlic for a few months of fresh eating. Grow it for yourself to see why multiple generations of gardeners and farmers have carefully selected for the traits in this beloved variety.

Growing Instructions: Sow in early spring in 2-4" wide bands or single rows 4" apart, about 1/2" between seeds. Cover 1/4- 1/2". Thinning is not necessary. Keep free of weeds. As with all onions, full sun, consistent soil moisture, and a fertile soil with a pH of 6.2-6.8 are preferable.