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By Minnow

wild sockeye - Alaska - 7.5oz

Bristol Bay is home to both the largest wild sockeye salmon run and one of the most sustainably managed fisheries in the world. Canning is of great importance to the families who have been fishing the waters of this region for generations, as it's one of the key preservation techniques for the huge catches that occur in just a six week span. The salmon is cut into “filets” with the backbone in and skin on. Only salt is added. During canning the natural oils are expelled, filling the tin and keeping the fish moist. We prefer keeping the skin and bones in and mashing them up with a fork, as they break down easily, providing both nutrients and flavor. Use it right out of the can in fresh fish salads in the place of higher mercury fish like tuna. Break it into pieces over chilled noodles or fry up salmon cakes and croquettes.