Valencia Pride Mango w/ Gochugaru Fruit Spread


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  • By Sqirl

    Sweet n' spicy, honeyed. 

    About the Fruit
    Valencia Pride Mangoes are the fleeting gems grown by Wong Farms in the Coachella Valley. (They used to grow the tomatoes for our tomato jam before this genius desert farm turned to mangoes as their main currency!) Turns out this unrivaled sweet, honeyed and floral fruit with an almost stringless texture transforms into one of the most supremely delicious jams. Married with the only US grown and organic Gochugaru - a mild yet bold Korean red chili flake - it's a flavor we dreamt up for our collaboration with Fritz Coffee in Korea yet it's so good it's now here to stay.

  • Valencia Pride mango, *cane sugar, *lemon juice, *gochgaru

    *certified organic