Warm Spiced Salmon & Coconut Greens: Recipe Seasoning Kit


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By Occo

An Indian-inspired spice blend transforms simple baked salmon into comfort food. Zingy pickled apples and greens dressed in a luscious coconut sauce balance the dish. This card has enough spice to serve four people twice or eight people once.

“I love pairing local ingredients with global flavors. This dish matches salmon and apples, two very important foods here in Oregon, with a spice mix inspired by Indian cuisine. Adding interesting spices to familiar ingredients is a great way to get comfortable with new tastes.”

- Gregory Gourdet

1/2 Teaspoon Pods Included:

  • (2) - Allspice Powder
  • (2) - Black Cardamom
  • (2) - Ginger
  • (2) - White Pepper