The Quickie Kit


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By Maude

Rise & Shine Travel Pack

Go-to essentials for when the mood strikes. The quickie features 1 vial of Shine Organic Lubricant and two of Maude's Rise easy-open, ultra-thin lubricated latex condoms. Pop them in your bag and be ready to get to it—twice. 

the quickie contains:

2 Rise ultra-thin lubricated latex condoms made with 100% natural latex, FDA-approved, fragrance-free, spermicide-free, and features easy-to-open buttercup packaging.

1 Shine Organic Personal Lubricant .375 oz / 11.09 ml made with moisturizing aloe and antioxidant green tea, our organic lubricant formula is 100% organic and ultra-hydrating. never sticky, this PH-balanced formula is gentle and dermatologist reviewed.