Jerk Veggies with Seven Minute Eggs: Recipe Seasoning Kit


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By Occo

    An assortment of roasted vegetables and soft-boiled eggs are brought to life by a hot and tangy jerk dressing. Great for brunch, lunch, or a light vegetarian dinner. This card has enough spice to serve four people twice or eight people once.

    “This is a great way to eat a lot of vegetables at once. It’s superb year-round and you can swap in seasonal veggies anytime. The eggs make it a great vegetarian meal or a fantastic side to a hearty protein."

    -Gregory Gourdet

     (8) 1/2 Teaspoon Pods Included
    • (2) - Allspice Powder
    • (2) - Habanero Chile
    • (2) - Tellicherry Black Pepper
    • (2) - Thyme