Organic Fertilizer Powder: 1g


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By Drugs for Plants

28g of 8-4-6 organic fertilizer powder

1g bag of 8-4-6 organic fertilizer powder, because measuring is annoying. Simply mix one packet into every 4 cups of water you use to water your plants and repeat every other week.

DIRECTIONS Water you plants as usual. Then, every two weeks, mix ¼ teaspoon of fertilizer into every 4 cups of water your plants need.

MACRONUTRIENTS Nitrogen 8% Phosphate 4% Potash 6%

MICRONUTRIENTS Calcium 3.0% Humic Acid 3.00% Magneseum 1.00% Boron 0.088% Copper 0.125% Iron 0.2% Manganese 0.32% Zinc 0.35%

BIOSTIMULANTS Seaweed Extracts & Botanicals Protein Hydrolysates & Betaine Fulvic Acids