Quilt Liner Jacket: OOAK


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By Carleen

Inspired by a classic flea market find: the quilted nylon army liner. The Quilt Liner Jacket is upgraded, made from vintage quilts, bound with black linen and snap front closure. Each is completely unique, due to the variations in the vintage quilts used and the patina they’ve acquired over time.

This jacket features one of a kind textiles that we hand picked. They may include wear, distress, marks, and other signs of age intentionally as we believe this adds to the character of the finished garment. Measurements:

XSmall: chest 42” / shoulders 18” / sleeves 21” / length 27.5”

Small: chest 44” / shoulders 18” / sleeves 22” / length 27.5”

Medium: chest 45” / shoulders 18.5” / sleeves 22” / length 28.5”

Large: chest 47” / shoulders 19” / sleeves 23” / length 29” 

Made of vintage textiles with 100% linen trim; dry clean only.

Made in Los Angeles.