Evergreen Scallion Seeds


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By Hudson Valley Seed Co.

Allion fistulosum

500 seeds

A scallion patch is easy to grow & useful nearly all year round.

A patch of this scallion is a long-time garden friend. In mid-winter, scallions are happy to get a jump start indoors; they can be transplanted anytime the ground can be worked; they multiply by division naturally if left unharvested; and they overwinter with no special care, emerging powerfully after the ground thaws, their deep green spears a reassuring sign of spring. Not actually a young bunching onion but a member of a separate, non-bulbing species, Evergreen Scallion is versatile, easy-to-grow, and delicious. Chopped and sprinkled on nearly any prepared dish, they make all flavors pop. In short: starting a scallion bed (or container garden) is a journey worth taking