Nozaki Cabbage Seeds - Organic


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By Hudson Valley Seed Co.

Certified Organic Seed

Brassica rapa

200 seeds

A quick-heading Chinese cabbage for the fall garden.

While artist Zhong-hua Lu was growing up in China, cultural arts were condemned, but he continued to paint in secret. Because of his bravery and his teachings, the beauty of this art form lives on, as do the skills required to create it. This cabbage is the artistic creation of Steve Peters. Through Seed Revolution Now, Steve independently breeds varieties on-farm, continuing age-old traditions, teaching disappearing skills, and sharing seeds so that they can be passed on to future generations.

A big bed of Chinese Cabbages in the fall means good eating for the winter months. While the cabbage heads themselves are excellent storage crops, they are also the main ingredient in one of the world's most beloved fermented foods: kimchi. Made by salting Chinese cabbage until it wilts, then fermenting for a few weeks with ginger, scallions, garlic, and hot peppers, kimchi lasts for months in the refrigerator and enlivens any winter dish. Nozaki is a hard-to-find open-pollinated variety that grows quickly into small heads with frilly outer leaves.