Matchbox Pepper Seeds - Organic


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By Hudson Valley Seed Co.

Certified Organic Seed

Capsicum annuum

25 seeds

Tiny spicy peppers are beautiful on the bush and dried.

Just like its namesake, this little pepper can light a big fire in your mouth. Small fruits in dark greens, light greens, yellow greens, and reds completely cover the sprawling, low-growing, bushy plants, which have attractive, deep green, semi-glossy leaves. It only takes one match to light a fire, and just one of these little peppers will lend a fruity and flavorful heat to any dish. Like it hot? Two will crackle, three will smoke, and four will blaze!

This compact and decorative plant is a terrific option for container gardens. The plants are unbelievably pretty; their dozens of bright red fruit look outstanding against the profusion of tiny, slightly waxy leaves. Its thicker skin means that Matchbox does not dry as easily as Cayenne, but it will do fine in a dehydrator. A couple plants will keep you in chilies all season or all year.